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Sit back, relax and…Wait a second…You probably don’t have time to waste sitting around.  It’s time to be proactive! With us being focused on the Wholesale of Michigan Real Estate, we produce results Quick! Have a problem? Financial Distress? Looking discounted properties to Purchase/Invest in, be it rehabbing, flipping, renting, or a personal property? 

Erwin Real Estate Investments has the solution.  Contact us today and take the next step in the right direction.  We’ll get in touch with you ASAP and figure out how to solve your Real Estate Dilemma. We’ll make you a 100% Cash offer on your property. 

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We are currently expanding from Shiawassee County to Saginaw and Genesee Counties! This is a big step for us.  However in order for us to generate the best deals for Buyers and Sellers, we need to also expand our BUYERS LIST.

Our Current Mission

We aim to help Improve and further Develop Michigan Real Estate by Connecting Investors, Cash Buyers, Rehabbers etc. to properties at a generous discount.  This allows for distressed homes to be repaired, remodeled, and put back on the market in a fraction of the time it would take to go through conventional selling methods or losing your home to forclosure. 

We noticed too many houses being forclosed on and going to auction in our County, too many homes that were vacant and had no upkeep, too many homeowners facing forclosure not knowing what to do, and Erwin Real Estate Investments has come up with a solution for it.  This generates better looking, safer, and more welcoming neighborhoods for both New and Preexisting homeowners. By working with us, selling to us, or buying through us, we are helping the surrounding community in multiple ways.  

This is Our Mission.  To Improve Community.  To Live Life Better.